Walkers’ guidelines

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Before the walk 

  • Please ensure that you are aware of current guidelines on travel and on how to walk outdoors in a responsible manner during the pandemic (refer to the sources of advice listed above if you are unsure). 
  • As explained above, please ensure you have a confirmed booking for the walk, where this applies.  Reading and agreeing to abide by these Covid-19 walker guidelines is a condition of booking, so please familiarise yourself with them.
  • If you are booked on a walk, please look out for messages from us. We may need to cancel at short notice if the lockdown situation changes, or if our leaders become unavailable. 
  • Please help us by only coming out if: 
  • You live in an area free of travel restrictions.
  • You (and all those you live with) are free from Covid-19 symptoms and have not been required by NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate. 
  • If you do have to pull out from a walk on which you are booked, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting info@railrambles.org as there may be a waiting list for your walk.
  • Please ensure that you have enough personal protective equipment (PPE – e.g., face covering/s, gloves, hand sanitiser) for the whole day, based on what is currently advised/required by government (and the rail companies if travelling by train). 
  • If driving to the walk starting point please remember parking at the station may be limited, so please allow plenty of time to find alternative parking and then get to the starting point of the walk. 

At the start of the walk 

  • Please let the leaders know if you have hearing difficulties. We know that social distancing may be making things harder for you and our leaders will want to help as much as they can. 
  • There will be a pre-walk introduction as usual but to allow social distancing this may have to take place away from the walk starting point. Please try to maintain social distance during the talk and please advise the leaders if you cannot hear them or if there’s anything you don’t understand.
  • Please ensure the leaders have ticked your name off the Test and Trace list before the walk commences.
  • If you’re coming by train, you might like to know that we won’t be collecting your ticket (or asking for details of your e-ticket) at this point, as we’ve suspended this during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

During the walk 

Please do everything you normally would to keep yourself and the party safe from normal walking hazards and to protect the countryside. In addition: 

  • Please remember to maintain the appropriate social distance from other walkers at all times.  
  • Please also be mindful of the risks attached to sharing food and drink or any other personal items beyond your immediate household, and remember to sanitise your hands before coffee / drinks and lunch stops.  
  • If you need assistance during the walk – or notice that a fellow walker needs assistance – please advise one of the leaders, who will help you.  
  • Please avoid touching path furniture (i.e., gates, stiles, etc.) wherever possible and/or use gloves/hand sanitiser as appropriate when you do have to touch it (which of course you will at some point). We have asked our leaders to open and close gates wherever possible, so please let them do so unless they ask for help. 

Leaders will warn you when the walk will be passing through farm yards and other private areas and will allow time for you to sanitise and (should you wish to do so) put a face mask on. 

After the walk

  • For NHS Test and Trace requirements, please contact us via  info@railrambles.org if you have any Covid-19 related issues.  


  • We would like you to enjoy your day walking with Rail Rambles but please observe the above guidelines to ensure everyone else also has a safe and enjoyable day.