Friends of Rail Rambles

Rail Rambles is run entirely by volunteers, people who love walking and who also enjoy travelling by train (and occasionally by bus) which is both sociable and more environmentally friendly than car travel.  

Transport for Wales generously offers our leaders free travel passes for the days in which they carry out recces and lead walks and we are very grateful for this assistance.   However, there are costs involved with offering our walks and those costs have to be funded by ourselves.  Whilst we keep these costs to an absolute minimum there is no getting away from the fact that we have  expenses each year, including insurance, the cost of the website and also we have to book a large room so that we can hold our Annual General Meeting.  Each year we need to raise approximately £275, which could possibly increase with each renewal.  We raise the funds by asking all our leaders to donate a sum as requested by our Treasurer which is anywhere between £5-£10 a year.  Along with occasional raffles, we manage to generate enough income to cover our outgoings.   

Many walkers over the years have offered to assist with the fund raising as they love coming out with us and wish to ensure that we carry on in the future.   At the heart of what we do is the idea of FREE  guided walks, we would never charge and it is not our intention to ask for donations.  However, if there are those who wish to give us financial support we certainly would not refuse!  And as recognition of that support we would like to invite them to our AGM together with sending copies of our AGM minutes (if required), along with an  annual newsletter.  We would also like to thank them on this page, again only if they agree, by adding their name as a ‘Friend’.

If you would like any more details, please email us at and we would be happy to answer any queries. 

We would like to acknowledge the kind donations from the following ‘Friends’, for which we are very grateful:-
Claire Gheerbrant
Marion Law
Linda Hollins
Margaret Appleton
Wendy Jarvis
Joan Sturland
Gareth Thomas
Gill Ison
Fred O’Leary